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About Us

Hi, I’m Cécile, your French best friend!

La beauté infinie is spearheaded by Cecile’s 26 years’ long experience as a professional French makeup artist.

Over the years, I have met many incredible women, each of whom is uniquely gorgeous!


My position as a beauty coach and certified makeup artist has allowed me to get close to clients and truly unravel what they desire. While a majority of the women I’ve worked on enjoy dabbling in makeup themselves, others prefer professionals to help them glam up.

Among all of it, however, one thing has never changed – every woman wishes to feel more confident in her skin.


"My goal has always been simple – to empower women through makeup"

I strive to help my clients feel good about themselves, regardless of age!

As a beauty coach, I show those I teach how to leverage makeup as a fun tool to enhance the beauty that’s already there.


After all, makeup isn’t about unrealistic transformation, it’s about elevation and confidence.

So, whether you’re a teenager with a newfound interest in the field or an adult woman who fears aging, shed all your worries and celebrate yourself! You are one of a kind.

My services are multifaceted and highly targeted. In that, I teach you personalized makeup routines and also show you better ways to take care of your skin so you look dewy and gorgeous every second of the day.

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