Bonjour! Thank you for stopping by! I am Cécile Dennis. Born and raised in France in a city called Lyon, where we love good food and wine!


My passion for colors and textures started at a very young age as my mother was a painter on silk fabric. I was fascinating as a young girl to see how powerful colors can bring joy in someone's eyes. My mother was definitely my inspiration.

That's how I started to draw, to paint and later makeup became my passion. I was meant to beautify woman and have that reward to see their smile after their customized beauty moment.

I've worked and trained in the beauty industry for over 20 years. My career started with the Canadian brand, M.A.C from Estée Lauder as a France Trainer and product specialist to collaborate with product creation. My makeup artistry experience during these amazing years allowed me to travel for my VIP clients to the Cannes festival and the Deauville festival and other red carpet events. My clients were Jean Desjardin, Nicole Richie, Leila Bekhti, Alina Choo, Virginie Efira, Bаrbаrа Cabrita, Lara Spencer to name a few.

I have participated in Paris and New York fashion week: Stephane Rolland, Kenzo, Carolina Herrera, Giambattista Valli, Franck Sorbier, Pyar Moss, Maison Margiela, Célіne to name a few.

Today I am living my dream, I moved to New York 5 years ago to follow my dream and my  husband. I was surprised to see how women and the media translate beauty. At that moment, I decided that I will call my Brand Lа Beauté іnfіnіе (infinite beauty) because I strongly believe that all women are beautiful.

Most of us don’t know how to beautify ourselves and I am not looking to create someone who does not exist. I want to assist you in the journey of a better version of yourself by beautifying what you already have.

As a beauty coach, I want to teach women of all ages that aging is not an“illness” but how to embrace the beautiful person you are. As well as teach teenagers how to stay fresh with a natural makeup routine. I will educate on how to have the best skin by helping you with your skin care routine, educate on your skin needs and sublime you with a gentle texture in makeup.

I see the beauty in every woman and I can show you the makeup that will reveal it so you can face that mirror with a smile and sparkle again.


As a professional Makeup Artist, I offer Beauty Coaching, Makeup application, Personal or group makeup lessons, Beauty party makeovers, Wedding services and more.

Professional French Makeup Artist : Licensed  Makeup Trainer and Skincare Specialist

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