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Are you eager to change your usual makeup look? Perhaps you’re bored of the everyday beauty regime or totally new to makeup. At La beauté infinie, you can rely on our personalized beauty coaching service to refine your makeup skills!


We believe that every woman is naturally gorgeous, in that, makeup simply complements your existing charm. Thus, knowing what shades accent your complexion and match your personality is crucial to feeling confident in your skin. To top it off, we teach you industry-leading tips so that you never spend too long in front of the mirror, reach all events on time and stun the crowd while you’re there!

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Introductory Makeup 

Master an everyday subtle glam look with the shades you already have sitting in your makeup bag!

Be it business casual or evening special, we’ve got you covered.


Duration: 1 hour


Learn more about your skin and discover the best skincare routine. From teaching you how to enhance your eyes to finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone, not only will you master an everyday look but also become equipped at switching it up from time to time.


Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes / 2 hours

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The Advanced Lesson

Let us show you what’s missing in your skincare routine. By helping you identify areas of improvement, this course focuses on color theory to complement your features and teaches you how to create a ravishingly youthful look! Complete mastery of 2 desired makeup looks inclusive of all the textures and tools you should be using are also included.


Duration: 2 sessions


Group Lesson Party

Looking for new things to try with your girls? If you and your friends love glamming up, then, why not sign up for an exciting Group Lesson Party at La beauté infinie?


Our group makeup sessions are filled with fun, tips, tricks, and amazing experiences for up to ten individuals. Whether you’re good at makeup or simply a beginner, don’t fret. We will show you how to seamlessly apply makeup through professional techniques. You’ll get to see a live demonstration, whereby, an entire makeup look will be covered. Rest assured, you just need to brig your makeup bag!

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Your big day is the occasion of a lifetime. You get to tie the knot with the person you love and finally start a new journey together. Needless to say, every bride wishes to look her best at the wedding. It isn’t just about the pictures, it’s about how confident you’ll feel and of course, the memories! Thus,


La Beauté infinie brings your ideal bridal look to life. No matter the intricacy of details or how you wish to customize hair and makeup, our wedding service is bound to put a smile on your face. Rest assured, you’ll be looking ethereal when it’s finally time to say the vows and take everybody’s breath away.


Impress clients at first glance!

You are your company’s biggest asset! The hard work you put into your job is indispensable. However, working at a luxurious establishment also requires that you maintain a certain persona. You must look presentable and welcoming for the clients that walk in through the door. After all, you’re representing your employer and there can’t be any compromises when it comes to that.


At La beauté infinie, we teach you how to create a signature makeup look that matches the environment you work in every day. From helping you choose the right colors to empower you through a bespoke makeup session, we ensure that you look the part, always.

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Providing industry-leading, revolutionary permanent makeup with the latest technology, La Beauté Infinie will exceed your expectations. Once our team determines which service is right for you, the treatment is completely personalized to achieve your beautiful, naturally looking eyebrows, eyes enhancement, lip blush and scalp pigmentation.

We ensure the best possible results.



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