Have you been wearing your makeup the same way for a long time?

Or have you never worn makeup but you’d like to learn and be coached about it?

La Beaute infinie will teach you how to apply your makeup quickly,

effectively and with the right colors to suit your natural tone and personality.
I will take care of organizing your makeup journey as it should finalize your look

and feel your best at every occasion.


  • The  introductory  lesson:

In this lesson, you will learn to use the color you have in your makeup bag.

We will focus on one specific look that you desire to learn: Your everyday casual, business casual or evening.

Duration: 1 hour

  • The complete lesson: 

We will start with your skincare routine and teach techniques and methods for skincare application.

We will learn about your eye shape and how to enhance them with the right tools ( brushes), identify the perfect foundation or base depending on your skin type.

You will get to practice on your desire look from your makeup bag: Your everyday casual, business casual or evening and identify few tips how to upgrade one look to another one.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes / 2 hours

  • The  Advanced  Lesson: 

We will practice the perfect skincare gesture while you are applying your creams and identify what’s missing in your skincare routine. 

We will work essentially on your colors theory to enhance every feature of your face and brighten your complexion in order to have your skin’s youthful appearance.

We will practice 2 looks of your choice and identify and list the missing colors, textures and tools.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes / 3 hours