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Beauty Coaching

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Are you eager to change your usual makeup look? Perhaps you’re bored of the everyday beauty regime or totally new to makeup. At La beauté infinie, you can rely on our personalized beauty coaching service to refine your makeup skills! We believe that every woman is naturally gorgeous, in that, makeup simply complements your existing charm. Thus, knowing what shades accent your complexion and match your personality is crucial to feeling confident in your skin. To top it off, we teach you industry-leading tips so that you never spend too long in front of the mirror, reach all events on time and stun the crowd while you’re there! 


The introductory lesson

Master an everyday subtle glam look with the shades you already have sitting in your bag! Be it business casual or evening special, we’ve got you covered.

Duration: 1 hour

The complete lesson

Learn more about your skin and discover the best skincare routine. From teaching you how to enhance your eyes to finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone, not only will you master an everyday look but also become equipped at switching it up from time to time.


Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes / 2 hours

The Advanced Lesson


Let us show you what’s missing in your skincare routine. By helping you identify areas of improvement, this course focuses on color theory to complement your features and teaches you how to create a ravishingly youthful look! Complete mastery of 2 desired makeup looks inclusive of all the textures and tools you should be using are also included.


Duration: 2 hour and 30 minutes / 3 hours

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