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Bienvenue to La Beauté Infinie (infinite beauty) where I believe that every woman deserves to feel BEAUTIFUL.

Makeup is an ACT OF SELF-CARE, and boosts CONFIDENCE with a touch of SELF EXPRESSION.

I am glad you’re here!

Welcome to La Beauté Infinie !

( infinite beauty) 

I am happy you are here. 

I've been doing makeup for over 20 years and I have learned so many techniques that I would  love to share with you.

Makeup is my passion and what I love the most is when I can transform how you see yourself and make you look and feel beautiful.

I hope you will follow your intuition, be inspired and find guidance here.

 At La Beauté Infinie, I live in that moment to see your smile and you deserve the best in beauty and I'm here to offer that to you.











Bonjour! Thank you for stopping by! I am Cécile Dennis.

 Born and raised in France in a city called Lyon, where we love good food and wine!


My passion for colors and textures started at a very young age as my mother was a painter on silk fabric. I was fascinated as a young girl to see how powerful colors can bring joy in someone's eyes. My mother was definitely my inspiration.

That's how I started to draw, to paint and later makeup became my passion. I've worked and trained in the beauty industry for over 20 years.


 I was meant to beautify woman and have that reward to see their smile after their customized beauty moment.

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 646 371 6710